Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hello, 2012!

"No distance of place or lapse of time can 

lessen the friendship of those who are 

thoroughly persuaded of each others’ worth." -

 Robert Southey

     Wow. Do you realize that it is nearly mid-May? I turned 25, and 2012 is nearly half over. Here is a concise summary of my year thus far in a poem and a few collages, which I will follow up with a more elaborate description. 

A Song For The Gaps (And Erik)

I finally started to write and be happy with my words;
And no, I wasn't singing about granite or rocks
But sharpening a knife I suppose, or hope,
And wondering how it took so long
Expect less and you'll get more
Don't get caught (you'll be late for sure)
      By and by
Concrete thoughts
And just know that viscous switch
Can find you; if you know.

Catch a ride a boat, a bird, across you'll float,
Grab me if you can,
As we meet across a sea yet again,
And pass by to yet another "Bye"
But not before a beam of light
To last until the next "Hello."
Maybe that is how we see
If we choose to measure a soul
How bright the light on this bow
How much it did and does

I know now, I hope.

So smile real big,
So that she may borrow,
A swill of light, A still life born,
Enough to hold me over until,
Another time my mind works fine,
Til the next beam, say thank-eee, Sai.

So write,
Even if you can't edit,
So that I can put a loan out on,
Until the next time that the dogwood's bloom
Til you feel southern wind,
And it blows you through.

Please keep our fire burning slow,
Soft tho and nurse it like a baby Rose
And stand back for future turns,
Try and Diverge when thinking
And please always wonder with intent,
If not for reason, for a sake
A cause of wondering (promise)
Don't ever let me win
Even if I can't make sets of this
Don't ever hyperbolate
That shit crazy, for our sake
And when the hardship comes again,
As it will, like ka, like a wind,
Know that we can't know,
And that is completely

Hmm. That seems like an adequate description of what has happened since moving down to Knoxville on January 12, 2012. Here are some other salient/obtuse _____lights of the first 5 months in K-town:

  • I mis-gauged the amount of time/resources that teaching labs and coursework would take out of my weekly schedule. That being said, the first semester is completely over here at UTK and I was more than successful! That shouldn't be understated (please understand that I only say this last part for my sake, who would be the first to understate these kinds of accomplishments - I think mayn of you can relate to this?). I didn't work on my thesis a great deal, but I achieved so much else along the way.
  • I got more involved in the Knoxville running community, participating in a few Knoxville Track Club events this spring, as well as the Fall Creek Falls 50km race. My proudest running accomplishments to date -- 4th place overall in the FCF50k and 3rd overall in the Dark Hollow Wallow -- were achieved this spring.
  • I have met a lot of amazing people and re-met a lot of amazing friends. As a completely non-exclusive and stream-of-consciousness list...:
    • Jackie and Paul are truly amazing people. I will miss them dearly once they move to Asheville.
    • Renee Arozqueta is a really amazing person. A person whom I met in Barley's and immediately thought, "I have to be this person's friend. Please."
    • People like Maggie Malam, Peg&RogerJameyKim, Erik/Jacob/Ben, Hannah, Tim Diedesch, Holly, Remy, and Bekah continue to make their love easily accessible, transparent, and abundant.
    • I met this amazing woman Angelyn whom I really really like. 100%..
    • My parents, sister, and for that matter, all my family, continues to be the most amazing family ever. Do you know how every person thinks that their family is truly the greatest thing ever? It's very nice that they think that, but in reality, I do have the greatest family. :-)
    • My roommate, Christy, is a really genuine and loving person. She would never curse at me ;), show me disdain, or hatred. She is a dreamer, and there are many days which I am envious of that trait. I am really glad I chose to live with a roommate at all, and consider myself immensely lucky to have Christy as a roommate.

Bottom line is that it has been a very productive year so far, and there are so many things which I try to express my gratitude for - no doubt often falling short - and hope that the rest of 2012 brings the same modicum of experience & experiences.

In another couple of weeks, I will be leaving for Colorado do to field work, a race, and TA a field camp. Here is my approximate summer schedule for those of you that are interested (and those that aren't, since your peripheral vision has at least glanced at the list already).

June 9 - Laura Marling Concert in Asheville. I am very excited for this....
June 11 - Leave Knoxville in the AM with Hannah Johnson, my road trip companion, and drive to Kansas City-ish.
June 12 - Leave KC, drive to Denver.
June 13 - Drive to Montrose and pick up Micah (5 hours). 
June 13 - 15 - Field work with Micah (and Rose!) in the Black Canyon.
June 16 - Drive Micah to Montrose airport, pick. Liz up from Montrose airport. Drive to Lake City (2 hrs)
June 16 - June 23 - Hang out in Lake City with Rose, Liz, and Donnie, acclimatizing for SJS, race, rest on the 24th
June 24 - Drive Liz to Montrose (2 hrs).
June 25 - July 12 - Field work in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison
July 13 - Drive up to Molas Lake to meet up with UALR
July  13 - July 27 - TA field camp with UALR/Mike DeAngelis/Beth McMillan
July 28 - Drive to Denver, pick up Hannah
July 29 - 31 - Drive from Denver to Knoxville, stopping at least one night en route to rest. Cities TBD.

That's it. I hope to catch up with you all on the other side.

Thank you all so very much,


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