Wednesday, April 17, 2013

If it's a terrible day when words can not reach us...but

...Then what to make with a day when words are within reach? I stuttered three times when trying to say that...

I'd love to promise you that you're done reading ellipses in this post, but is is sort of the theme of this entry. My last posting was January 16, just over three months ago. As per my scientific self (NEWS! see below!), I will take a very concrete approach to updating you, my reader.

What is new:

  • I have many new songs, and I even have played/recorded some of them for people!
  • I moved! But only about 140 steps to the southwest...
  • My computer perished; This loss happened precariously close to my M.S. defense; don't ask.
    • My new machine runs Windows 8 isn't all bad...But it is kind of gimmicky
  • I found my headphones!
    • This happened about 12 seconds ago...I thought they were lost for the past several months (*coughsincemovingcough*)
  • I finished my thesis...
  • I fell in love with my Thin Mints. They are all gone now...

Wait, what was that last one?

     Thin mints?

Before that...




I finished my Master's Thesis. 

¶ I moved to Knoxville, Tennessee in August of 2009. I had just finished a really fun summer of field work, "hanging out" at Molas Lake, and driving across the country with my Saturn station wagon full of rock samples from Homestake Creek.

When I showed up in Knoxville, I was psyched.

The friends I had made while visiting Knoxville the previous spring as a prospective student were still there.
There were new people; more importantly, I was beginning to like people.
I found a new hobby (story of my life...gear, gear, gear...) in climbing, and friends to climb with (i.e. Liz,  

¶ In the spring of 2010, Kali moved down to Knoxville. We had a grand old time, but even the...well, it is a terrible day when words can not reach us, and, needless to say, we were all silent on the eve of Christmas of 2010. 

¶ However, 2011 was filled (...maybe not initially, or at least apparent to me, but it was) with friends and love, recovering strength, rejuvenating old friendships (some as old as time), and kindling new friendships. My father's friend, Paul Zarembo, was kind enough to replace my broken guitar with a fantastic Seagull mini-jumbo that has served me very well over the past two years.

¶ In 2012, as you know, I made the decision to head back to Knoxville, and finish my graduate degree at the University of Tennessee. Mind you, when I say that I made the decision, I am glossing over some rather sturdy coaxing, brazen encouragement, and unwavering belief. Thanks for that, mom, dad, sister, Peg, Roger, and all the people who impacted me greatly, whether or not you know it...I have had a grand old time, rejuvenating old friendships, kindling new friendships, and falling in love with Angelyn. 

¶ In 2013, it was time to start making progress (ha ha!). Micah had been incredibly supportive of me (hey, we all have our moments; but seriously), although this semester marked my sixth semester as a M.S. student. For those of you that don't know, upon entering graduate school to pursue a M.S. degree, there is an agreement that the school can only guarantee your tuition to be covered for 4 semesters. Head to the ground, I got my thesis drafted up from a collage of sentences in my "THINGS_TO_SAY_IN_THESIS.docx" document to a barely readable draft in a couple of months. No solitary act, here are just a few of the Earth and Planetary Sciences village members who helped me get there:

From left to right: Remy, some joker, Tim, Kyle, Liz (I think? She never calls me!), and Jackie

Oh, yeah, and let's not forget this one:
Rose the Riveter

While working "wire-to-wire," as Jessup described it, the team and I managed to pull it off this spring. I defended my thesis, got seals of approval from my gracious committee members with very minimal edits, and   have submitted my thesis...Well, I have submitted it three times, I am presently waiting for approval from the University Thesis Consultant to be sure that it is formatted correctly. Regardless of whether or not I have to make ~30 minutes worth of formatting revisions (for the fourth time!), I am now comfortable saying that

it's a done deal.

Well, I won't leave you entirely hanging...

  • I will be travelling to Anchorage, AK at the end of June to see Jamey Jones and Kim King get married
    • Travelling convergently but separate: Jacob, Erik, Julie!
  • I will be TAing field camp for the ~5th year in a row.
    • Previously hosting me as a prospective student in spring 2009, this year's field camp will be run by Mike DeAngelis.
  • Is anyone hiring?
    • I am searching for jobs in the east Tennessee area, or really anywhere. I don't think I'm quite done with this neck'o'the woods... 
With extra love to those who braved this text-heavy entry, and even more love to all those I mentioned, forgot to mention, and wished to have mentioned.

Until next time.


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